Teejay - Expensive Style

Posted on May 29, 2023 by Teejay & Shenseea

Teejay - Expensive Style Mp3 Download — Nicely-preferred and Gifted movie star, comes out shining with a company new solitary titled “Expensive Style“. The keep track of is available on all streaming platforms. It is no query that the song is a very addictive jam, update your playlist with Expensive Style Song and value.

The new single “Expensive Style” by Teejay & Shenseea, the Naija emotion, is quickly readily available now!

Download Expensive Style - Teejay & Shenseea Mp3

The new solitary “Teejay - Expensive Style” is an incredible song concentrated to the followers and fans of the new new music. It is a great cruise keep track of for your peace and listening satisfaction.

This sensational strike keep track of been offered it is exterior manual from a few of noteworthy singers and songwriters.

The enjoyable new keep track of “Teejay - Expensive Style” is a adhere to-up to his present smash keep track of and is an incredible music that you would not want to move up at all.

This incredible vibe will definitely get you entangled in no time at all.

In the meantime, the great new melody is an incredible keep track of that will definitely be truly really worth a place on your playlist if you are a lover of fantastic new new music.

Song Information

Name: Expensive Style
Category: Naija
Artist: Teejay & Shenseea
Album: Expensive Style
Release Year: 2020
Duration: 3:12
Size: 4.39 MB
Source: YouTube

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The track "Expensive Style" is a loveable track that was nicely created and composed. The Expensive Style by Teejay & Shenseea is an amazing track that you cannot afford to pay for to pass up.

Moreover, the extraordinary solitary attributes Award-successful new music star, Teejay & Shenseea who sent an incredible verse.

In summary, the track "Expensive Style" was created by gifted new music producer, Teejay & Shenseea.

In this article is an historic track titled Expensive Style. Because its past fall the track has huge downloads. Update followers speak about this track like it was yesterday it was dropped.

Much more individuals have been downloading this track at big. Anytime Teejay - Expensive Style song performs, individuals are likely to dance at big. Individuals willingly download this strike track. Think me this track will change that favorite in you gadget. Teejay - Expensive Style is a banger download it as soon as possible.

The well-liked and persuasive keep track of “Expensive Style” was place alongside one another by Teejay & Shenseea, and more than time has turn out to be fans’ preferred and is usually on their lips with fascinating dance moves.

He delivers in Teejay & Shenseea who lend their voice and creativeness to produce an intriguing masterpiece.

Teejay - Expensive Style Lyric

Murder mek wi go jail, nuh man slaughter
Rifle from Slovakia wi carry pon charter
'Mount a shot buss head, 'mount a neck we chop off yah
Rifle select genre
Dem bwoy deh a drama
Texas anuh ranger ask Walker
Glock a squeeze, rapid burst
Chip plug in anuh charger
Bwoy run left yaad a who faster him or Asafa

Bay duppy deh pon dem ya gun ya me nuh Chucky
Uptown kill people leff' di place bloody
Rifle knock sweet rough cut, yow drummy
Push ratchet inna tummy mek bwoy bawl out mummy
PLR-16 leff' crime scene ugly
From mi nigga talk money, get a matic from skully
Teleport a bwoy foot a never waa' sunny
Pull up inna hurry, man a run a war stirry
Eight man a dem fall, bare clip tape up and anuh modern warfare
Dem shoes yah traffic and anuh car steer (car steer)
And mi nuh si dem inna di road fi the past years
Di brownin' pretty wid tall hair
Bleach a dem yaad cause di pussy dem naah hear
Tek weh dem life nobody naah care
Dem nuh have a chick or a child
Dats why dem only a kill man inna dem intention
All when dem sing dem song
Idle killing different from contract and revenge plan
Trigga mi rest di index pon
Open face like C-section
Funeral dem get a decent one
Mi nuh shoot bwoy fi dem guh hospital guh get penicilin
Fi doctor put nuh drip in skin
Kill dem from di beginnin'
War start fi a likkle ting
Rifle bines cripple Kim
Mi nuh join gigglin'
Bwoy suck shot like nipplin'
Bad man image and riddlin'

Everyting squeeze outta di matic
Chip anuh sup'm fi plug up inna nuh socket
Bwoy succumb to shot anytime him ketch it
Naah gi' dem nuh chance fi dem call paramedic
'Mount a bwoy wi kill already, add up di numba pon di credit
Run up and press it, chop off dem head wid mi machete yeah
Country killa dem from St. Ann and up a Sainty dem
Mi walk inna yuh living room and deal wid it like cemetry
Dem bwoy deh anuh threat to wi
Juss start bad yesideh
Kill one last week, orbituary seh him a rest today
Mortician si bwoy body and a ask weh chest fi deh
Bad offa mi own and mi nuh need nuh man fi rescue mi
Gun a sing pon Charlie's, dead a dem destiny
Cyaa' hide pon e map, bwoy wi know weh yuh deh
Shot stretch body and yuh neva guh a Metroplex
Who nuh know weh rest
Send dem a Meadowrest

Mi dawg dem waah soul
Anyweh mi buck yuh bwoy dehso yaah guh home
Three inna yuh head, marrow jump out, toad
Nuh know dem a killa, betta dem guh act porn
Dem know when wi roll
Handgun and rifle a travel pon e toll
Dem bwoy deh anuh killa, actor dem a Capone
Inna head leff' shot hole weh bigger dan yuh ma hole

Gi' dem when mi dweet
Pull up a yuh feet
Rifle tun on, bwoy tun bully beef
Shot a bun unuh, anuh di grabba inna weed
Press e mek e stamma, mi put it pon repeat
Mi nah fi high offa weed and key
Fi guh 'creech and bleach
Marrow meet concrete yeah
Panty shield, dem a bleed and leak
Dem bwoy deh a pussy, dem a freak and geek

Yow Shab Don
Dah one yah is juss a expensive style yuh get mi
Notice e d'even got nuh chorus
Uptop Camp
You know e ting guh
Same suh
Uptop forever, uptop camp
Some seh Mobay a mi yaad


This track has currently began creating massive development. The track has good language which acceptable for all age. Expensive Style - Teejay & Shenseea is pursuing to keep on being related in the playlist of new music enthusiasts. The artist place in additional work on this track. Followers are greatly thrilled with this new rhythm.

Never wait around for somebody to participate in it for you. Know this track by your self. Never enable it move your ears. Download it on Fakaza today!

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